Welcome to Vichères-Liddes!

Vichères’ name comes from the old French word “vesciere” which means a “place where vetches are grown” – also known as “poisettes” in French, and which are grown as vegetables.

A look out facing the rising sun, opposite where Liddes is situated, Vichères is located at the entrance to the Combe de l’A nature reserve. At the beginning of the last century, this little village was relatively prosperous. The inhabitants lived from fields of barley and rye and the surrounding pastures and forests. The isolation and lack of communication resulted in the last inhabitants seeking refuge in more clement locations.

Les raccards noircis par le soleil ont été transformés en de confortables chalets tout en conservant l’aspect typique des constructions d’autrefois. C’est ainsi qu’aujourd’hui, le hameau de Vichères reprend vie.

The raccards (barns) blackened by the sun have been transformed into comfortable chalets while conserving the typical look of these constructions from yesteryear. In this way, the Vichères hamlet has been given a new lease on life.

The name “Liddes” may be derived from the word “Leish” – damp places or places located near a pond which may refer to the abundant water around the village.

Like many trans-border regions, Liddes has always been a transit hotspot. Located on a particularly sunny plateau, the village has managed to benefit from the development of the Grand-St-Bernard axis. Today it mainly survives on construction, agriculture and tourism.